Bare Cove Technologies LLC Fostering Innovation
Bare Cove Technologies LLCFostering Innovation

How do enterprises, large or small, align business strategy with Information Technology Adoption?

If this task was straightforward, then every technology adoption would succeed.

Competitive advantage and innovation is derived when an organization aligns Information Technology and Business Strategy.


At Bare Cove, we utilize our engagement methodology to deliver a service called Bare Cove - Safe Passage.


Information Technology architectures must align to the current business vision. However, architectural patterns must be flexible because business plans often change.


The architecture must be scalable; providing headroom and the lowest possible total cost of ownership.


Finally, the architecture is reusable.  To the business, the architecture appears clean and simple.  This layered, reusable design creates flexibility.


Safe Passage delivers these architectural patterns for our clients.


Bare Cove - Safe Passage; Fostering Innovation

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